SIEPM sentences project

Welcome to the SIEPM’s Sentences project

This site hosts the data of the SIEPM’s project for a new repertory of commentaries on Peter Lombard’s Sentences. So far, the data is only accessible for registered users (you might ask here for login details).

We are currently dealing with 1739 possible commentaries conceived by possibly 578 identified and 514 anonymous authors (but be aware that Stegmuller was quite generous in counting a work among the Sentences tradition, while a great deal of this tradition has been lost).

The project is directed by Bill Courtenay, Madison, and Paul Bakker, Nijmegen; its coordinator is Ueli Zahnd, Basel. We are working in seven teams covering different periods of the Sentences tradition.

Period Chair Authors Commentaries Manuscripts
1150-1250 Riccardo Saccenti, Bologna
1250-1300 Silvain Piron, Paris
1300-1330 Christopher Schabel, Nikosia
1330-1360 Steven Livesey, Oklahoma
1360-1400 Monica Brinzei, Paris
1400-1500 Maarten Hoenen, Basel
post 1500 Jacob Schmutz, Abu Dhabi

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